Baseball Battle on the Beach: FFHS vs law enforcement officers vs bitter cold

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I was excited to head out to this year’s first baseball game at First Flight’s field. It was a charity scrimmage between the First Flight Nighthawks and the Blue Line Bombers, a team made up of local law enforcement officers.

I was glad that the weather front that past through the area last night was gone and all that I could see was clear skies and plenty of sun. That is, until I stepped onto the field and was slapped in the face with a brisk wind from the north.

I soon realized that I would not be shooting an enjoyable game of the boys of summer, but would instead have to try and endure the Arctic winds of the North. Did I mention that it was COLD.

Anyway, I lasted a little over 3 innings. The Blue Line Bombers were a lot of fun and First Flight looked pretty good. Ahhhhh, another season of baseball.

Additional photos of this game can be seen at richardlmillerphotography. Please check back often as I have plenty more to post.

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