“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

First Flight High School softball and baseball teams hosted Edenton Homes HS.

March 12 – Today is a day that will most certainly go into the history books. A day when most of the world, especially the sports world, was suspended or put on hold due to the global spreading of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Today, literally countless sporting events worldwide were cancelled or “postponed indefinitely” to avoid spreading the virus at events with large crowds. I was planning on heading to Buxton, NC (Cape Hatteras area) today to shoot the Cape Hatteras Sandlot Tournament “Knock Cancer Out of the Park” event. CANCELLED!!!

I heard the final word that the Sandlot Tournament was canceled at 4:50 PM. Hmmmmmm, I remembered that First Flight had a home softball and baseball game today against Edenton at 5. Time to gather the gear and go shoot what may be the last local softball and baseball games for may be a very long time.

I admit that it was good to be at the games and that I will certainly get restless without them. But we should always remember, these are only games… Life will go on, hopefully, so be safe.

At this time there are suppose to be both a girls and boys High School lacrosse game tomorrow. Maybe one last chance to shoot some sports for awhile. Stay tuned.

Maybe I should take up landscape photography.

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