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ECU Club vs UNCW. Sunday 1 March.
ECU Club vs UNCW. Sunday 1 March.
ECU Club vs UNCW. Sunday 1 March.
ECU Club vs UNCW. Sunday 1 March.
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March 16 – Like a lot of other photographers, I now have a lot of time to go through my very large collection of photos and select, edit and post some hopefully great photos.

I was looking at some of the ECU Club baseball photos taken during their series with UNC Wilmington at JH Rose High School in Greenville, NC. Since you read my posts from March 2 (you did read them, right?), you know that I am NOT a fan of the Rose HS field. When I shoot there I invariably encounter very harsh light, awful color casts, and ugggggggly backgrounds. When editing the photos taken there, the conditions produce images that lend themselves (actually beg for) a conversion to Black and White.

I really like B&W photos as they take me black to the days in a dark room with film. So in this day of digital only, I sometimes try to emulate the look and emotions of B&W film. One day I may make a book with only B&W prints but until then here are a few from an ECU Club game at JH Rose HS.

What are your thoughts on B&W photography, especially sports photos?

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Ruth Ann Jacobs
March 16, 2020 8:03 am

I LOVE B&W photos !!! Would love to see a book of these for clubball.

Betsy Barnacascel
March 16, 2020 9:21 pm

Love black and white photos !