Daily ECU club photo – #3

David Troutman, #16, ECU club baseball catcher. Troutman played the game with intensity – always impressed me and help forge the thought in my mind that this was “real” baseball. He hit a towering home run against JMU during my first game watching the team and he was a brick wall as a catcher.

Troutman had a fairly deep gash over his right eye in the series against UNC Wilmington. There was absolutely no love lost between these two teams. This photo was taken during game 2 on March 24, 2016 right after a UNCW runner literally barreled into Troutman during a play at home plate – some (many) thought that it was a dirty slide. The look on David’s face as he glares back at the runner lets you know what he thought about the slide.

Some major “excitement” occurred later, near the end of the game. Troutman and a different UNCW player ignited, in part, the events.

Were you there? Do you remember what happened? Remember now, I have photos as evidence……

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