Daily sports photo #16

April 1 – Sorry, no April Fools day joke today.

As I go through my large stockpile of photos I see some good pics, I see some bad pics. But regardless of the quality, what I see are a lot of photos of some great young men that I’ve met on the ball field.

One of these is Tanner Duncan. Tanner defines what a ball player should be – respectful, kind, humble, competitive, and talented with a love for the game. It’s clear how Tanner became who he is when you meet his parents.

Tanner’s success with the ECU Club baseball team is now somewhat legendary. But the story doesn’t stop at ECU. Tanner became a member of the MLB Houston Astros. You can read a bit about his journey in a regional newspaper here.

Sure, I miss not shooting baseball. I miss the sounds. I miss having salted peanuts. I miss meeting new players and fans. And I certainly miss some of the great young men like Tanner Duncan.

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