Daily sports photo #19

April 3 – “A new way to tell time.”

The look, feel, and technical aspects of a photo has always been a way for me to “tell time” or at least a way to guess what century or perhaps decade the photo was taken. When I was young I even called the photos that looked like this one and lived in the many boxes my parents kept – “old times photos.” There were the obvious telltale signs that it was taken a long time ago – scratches, creases, watermarks, and the strange faded “color.”

Like many people, I’ve been watching a lot of youtube videos while practicing responsible self quarantine. As I watch these videos it is clear, without looking at the description, when the video was made – at least I can tell whether it was made before or after mid-March 2020 by the number and distance between people in the photo..

Now, as I look through my sports photos and I see a group of people or young athletes together, as shown in this photo of some Middle School wrestlers before their match, I instinctively react as if something is wrong. But of course the photo was taken before before mid-March and all is good.

I wonder if seeing, or not seeing, a group of people together in a photo will in the future mark a short or long period of time, a way to tell time.

BTW this photo was taken four months ago, December 3, 2019.

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