Daily sports photo #32

April 12 – Happy Easter everyone!

Here’s another favorite of mine. Chris Childress of the Outer Banks Daredevils is shown with a super Moon during a beautiful evening of baseball on July 21, 2016 at the Daredevils field in Kill Devil Hills, NC. Maybe I’m partial to the photo because I like Chris a lot. I’ve taken photos for the Daredevils for 8 years. Chris was one of the first players that I really noticed, or I should say, that he was the first player that really noticed me. There we were in the dugout and I was taking pregame photos as usual. I quickly snapped a pic of Chris pouring out a big hand of sunflower seeds and he caught me taking the photo. He gave me such a look like – “crazy man, I’m just getting me some seeds!”

I’ve taken many, many photos Chris during countless games, I’m sure you’ll be seeing some more soon. I came to know Chris as a great young man with a tremendous love of the game. Fortunately, Chris is now a good friend.

I’ll be sharing more pics of the young men that I came to know and share a little of who they are and why they make baseball more than just a game.

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April 14, 2020 3:51 pm

Did he catch it ; )