Daily sports photo #39

April 17 – “The Breakfast of Champions!’

Perhaps you’ve noticed that I loved going to the College World Series in Omaha. The atmosphere at the games was electric and the atmosphere around the park was like a state fair. During the early 2000s there were two games (sessions) each day at the start of the series. You could go to both games on a single ticket (of course that ended when the money mongers wanted more $).

So after the first game you could leave Rosenblatt while they cleaned and prepared for the next game. Some enterprising businesses set up “beer gardens” right across a small street, about 5 mins from the park. The beer gardens were also opened before the first game.

As you know breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. And as you also know, I’m very, very health conscious. That’s why I made sure to have my Breakfast of Champions everyday.

Now you see why I miss baseball.

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