Daily sports photo #41

April 19 – It’s more than just a game.

I’ve been thinking about making a photo book of B&W “portraits” of some of the guys that I’ve come to know while shooting their games. I’ve already introduced you to a few in previous posts. This is Ryan Creps.

I first met Ryan while shooting the Outer Banks Daredevils back in 2015. I quickly noticed the spirit in which Ryan played the game. As the lead-off batter, I was soon posting a lot of pics of Mr. Creps. These photos opened the door to get to know the Creps family. Although Ryan has graduated from Limestone College and working to make his mark on the World, I’m still fortunate to keep up with Ryan, primarily through his mom, Lori, during some very, very late-night chat sessions. It’s good to have a late-night buddy.

Once again, Baseball is more than a game. Baseball is a conduit to great times and great people. I’ll be introducing you to some of them.

To view more of my photos please visit www.richardlmillerphotography.com.

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