Daily sports photo #44

April 21 – Concentration.

I thought I’d take a break from the bromance pics and share a few photos that reveal the incredible talent of athletes. A key element of athletic ability is concentration.

This is a photo of ECU’s Spencer Phillips laying out and making a great catch during game 8 of the NCBA 2017 College World Series. This photo shows that in addition to physical talent a great athletic must have mental talent, in this case concentration. Spencer had a great game against Nevada that day and ECU went on win the World Series.

This photo also shows why I love being literally on the field during these games. I can get a unique perspective of the game and often see things in my photos that clearly shot passed me in a fleeting second. Such is the power of photos. They not only provide us with memories of events as we saw them, they also offer a view to what we did not or cannot see.

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