Daily sports photo #45

April 21 – Back by popular demand!

Ok, ok. There was such a great response to the Brent West blog post that I thought that I’d give you another look at “Mr. Utility” and his twinkling eyes.

This is a photo before the game that Brent caught. Did I mention last post that it was hot? Even before the game it looks as if he’s just happy to be there. I was waiting for him to ask – “Is this heaven,” so I could answer of course “No, it’s KDH, what have you been smoking?” Or something like that. Never had the chance to work out all the details.

Maybe I should make “Playas of the Daredevils” calendar. What do you think?

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Tae Dooley
April 22, 2020 10:50 am

Love these! Our family is very thankful for your photography over the years!