Daily sports photo #46

April 22 – It’s about family.

Once again a blog post talking about a player and my memories of him was very popular. After a few minutes of thought, I think that I may know why.

Baseball is about family. Actually, many different types of family. I can assure you that when a college ball player has played since he was old enough to carry a bat that his parents have attended seemingly 1,000s games, bought and shared as many juice boxes, carpooled across the country, and yelled at umpires maybe just shy of a million times. I have discovered that a Baseball mom is a very special person. That is, I made sure that I didn’t block a mom’s view of her “little” boy.

I have met many players whose entire families come to their games. Younger brothers looking up to their older brothers. Grandparents traveling countless miles to see their grandkids play. Baseball is a way for them to show each support and spend time together.

There’s also the exceptionally tight family of a team. A special bond that can last a lifetime. A family that will celebrate your successes and be there to pick you up when you’re down. A very special band of brothers.

I’m so very lucky to be a member of several such families and I cherish the time that I have with them. That’s why I take my responsibility of being a family historian so very seriously and hard to capture those special, but fleeting moments…

During these times I miss my many families.

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Betsy Barnacascel
April 22, 2020 8:46 pm

Miss our baseball family so much!