Daily sports photo #49

April 24 – Life lessons.

I’ll explain why I took this photo in a minute.

In many ways, Baseball can be, and has been, used as a metaphor for life. I see this time after time during a game and as I look through my photos. I think that this photo directly applies what what I see going on in the World today. Let me explain.

This photo was taken during the 5th game of the 2007 College World Series between Louisville and Mississippi State. Brent and I had seats at the railing down the third base line near the bull pen. Our seats to the ground was less than 3 feet and we were about 10 feet from the line, which at this place the line was within the warning-track area.

It was a tense part of the game. Louisville was batting and had two runners on – first and second. A Louisville batter hit a hard, hooking driveline in the air down the 3rd base line. The outfield umpire called the ball FOUL. Now remember, there are six umpires working every world series game. If the ball had been called fair, the two runners could have easily scored and put Louisville up. But the umpire, the game’s authority, called it foul.

From our vantage point, we clearly saw chalk kick-up when the ball hit the ground. In baseball, if the ball hits any part of the line, by baseball rules, the ball is fair. The Louisville came out of course to “argue” the call. The umpire was adamant and said that he saw it hit foul and would NOT as for help from any of the other umpires. I took the shot to clearly show that the ball did indeed hit the line and so, by the rules, should have been a fair ball.

So how does this story relate to the events of today? Well, I know that you’ve all heard a lot recently from people in charge making a lot of “judgement calls” because they think they know what happened or is happening. Facts (data) are facts and facts can lead one to the truth. It’s important to look at things closely to see what really has/is happening. For the CWS game, the fact is that the ball was fair and the umpire was wrong. Fortunately, the consequence of making the wrong call was minimum. After all, baseball is only a game not life and death.

Lastly, everyone, please don’t inject yourself with disinfectant or irritate yourself with UV. That’s just stupid.

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