Daily sports photo #55

April 28 – Sometimes ya just gotta go.

I’d like to introduce you to another great ball player/friend Julio Rosales. When I think of Julio I see that infectious grin that you see, or can somewhat see, in this photo. Of course, I took a great shot, but Julio messed-up the scene with a huge cloud of dirt in the air. Let me tell you how.

It was June 11, 2015 and the Daredevils were playing the Knights. Left-handed batter #7 Ryan Creps was at the plate. Mr. Rosales found himself on third base. I don’t remember if there was a third base coach. Sometimes a player wouldn’t make it to first or third to give the players signs or instructions. I found myself at the top of the Daredevils dugout closest to home plate.

Ryan Creps had already seen a couple of pitches. I focused my camera on him thinking that Ryan would get a hit and drive in the run. I know his mom would be happy and love the photo.

But, as I poised my camera at home plate waiting for the next pitch I heard some one screaming “Don’t swing, don’t swing, don’t swing” (or something along those lines) and I thought what the “heck’s going on?” As I lowered the camera from my eye I saw Julio running as fast as he can towards home. What the…? He’s trying a suicide squeeze in a situation that NO ONE would ever expect a suicide squeeze. Not only was it unexpected by the Knights no one knew on the Daredevils. This was either genius or madness!!!!!

The pitcher had thrown a fastball so the ball reached home plate quickly and Julio slid into the tag by the surprised catcher. Dust flew up everywhere. I snapped the pic above. Even Julio seemed to enjoy the craziness of the attempt. The attempt, although unsuccessful, was great, a part of summer baseball, a reflection of Julio’s personality.

I knew then that I would have to watch Mr. Rosales carefully whenever he was on base again. Good times indeed.

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