Daily sports photo #57

April 30 – Mr. Baseball.

This is definitely one of my favorite Daredevils photo. Not only had Mr. Baseball, Chris Childress attracted the attention of opposing teams, he had attracted a gathering/following of fans from a certain demographic.

Chris obviously saw me attempting to get this shot and always being professional, he paused and gave me a nice baseball pose. That’s no surprise, after all, he’s Mr. Baseball. I am however intrigued with that devilish look as I imagine that he’s probably thinking, “eat your heart out major leaguers.”

Sorry fans of that certain demographic, Chris is currently very happy posing with his biggest fan, Chelsea.

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Chris Childress
April 30, 2020 12:42 pm

I have received so many different types of comments on this picture haha. Still this is one of my favorite pictures you have shot of me. It’s a conversation starter for sure!