Daily sports photo #58

April 30 – Congratulations to Dylan Blake.

This a short story of a great basketball player, Dylan Blake. A player that was so good, that I often found myself just watching rather than trying to capture the perfect shot.

If you quickly scan my website or this blog, I think that you can easily guess which sport is my favorite. Yes, it’s – Ding, Ding, Ding – baseball. However, I didn’t play baseball in High School. I grew up in Miami and a new NFL team was just starting – the Miami Dolphins. Because my friends and I were always playing street football I went out for football and became our starting left cornerback. It was OK, but I only played for a year as I decided that I wanted to do other things, especially grow my hair long, which was not tolerated by the coaches back in those days.

The sport that I often played in the neighborhood and watched on TV was basketball. Yes, basketball. Now I wasn’t very good but I loved watching it on TV. In my days I got to see some of the legends such as Jerry West, Earl “the pearl” Monroe, Bill Russell, and Wilt Chamberlain. When I was growing up basketball was a game of BOTH offensive and defense; some of the defensive battles were epic. The battle between the big men Russell and Chamberlain are legendary.

But to me the man was Wilt “the stilt” Chamberlain. I read every book on him. I watched his games. He was such a dominant player. But to me he was also “quiet” on the court and just went about doing his business, he was all business.

That is what I saw in Dylan Blake when he played for First Flight Nighthawks High School in Kill Devil Hills, NC. Dylan was simply a dominant factor on the court, yet seemed quiet and just went about playing the game. His ability to pull-up from far beyond the 3-point line and drain a bucket would strike fear into the other teams. But he was also deadly driving to the basket down the middle of the lane or from the baseline. Dylan was also a complete player and would display the same level of energy and enthusiasm on defense. He was truly a marvel to watch, he was my Wilt Chamberlain.

So it’s time now to congratulate Dylan Blake as he will be an ECU Pirate next season. I expect that we’ll be reading a lot of Mr. Blake and the Pirates basketball team. I’ve shot an ECU game before and will try to get photo credentials next year to go and catch a few games to see Dylan play. No promises that I’ll be posting any good pictures though, because as before, I may miss a lot of shots by just watching him play.

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