Daily sports photo #62

May 4 – Find sports where you can.

Although I truly enjoy looking at my archive of photos, I really want (need) to get back to some live sports action. I’m not sure when publicly organized sports will be an option, so I decided to try to think of some games that don’t require a large space, a lot of equipment AND, something that I may be good at. Something that I’ve been training all my life to compete in.

I invited my Doppelgänger to join me to help me brainstorm. Of course, we first needed some motivation. After a “few” steins of Bier and multiple rounds of singing “West Virginia” mit an Deutsche accent, we simultaneously shouted we could compete in “BEERFEST!!!!!”

So we watched Beerfest three times back-to-back-to-back and discovered that there are many games in which we could compete. There’s: Volume Chug, Beer Pong, Trick Quarters, Long Pour, Mexican, Volume Funnel, Bat Spin, and Depth Charge and if we make it to the championship round there’s Distance Quarters, Monkey Chug, Beirut, Beer Pong Round 2, Thumper, Turbo Quarters, and the Line Chug ending with “Das Boot.”

So, we grabbed some foreign coins, my Das Boot mug, another stein for DG, and decided to watch the movie, one more time. Remember, practice makes perfect. Prost!

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