Daily sports photo #72

May 11 – People who work in all aspects of health care are incredible.

Usually an athletic trainer doesn’t see much action during a baseball game. Of course there are the usual requests for Ibuprofen, or wraps for icing down an arm or a leg, but fortunately there isn’t a lot of action.

That said, there are those times that thank goodness they’re there. Such was the case during a 2018 NCBA WS baseball game between the East Carolina University Pirates and the Grand Canyon University Lopes. A Lopes player was attempting a slide into third base when the ECU third baseman had to leap high into the air because of an errant throw. As the third baseman came down he clipped the runner with the bottom of his shoe. A shoe, that is, with cleats.

The Lopes runner yelled out and started to roll on the ground. It was unclear what had happened until the player was attended to by trainer Mandy Kiger in the dugout. The cleats had made two long furrows into the runner’s arm – yuck! Mandy took great care of the player and patched him up. Good thing a health care professional was there.

Grand Canyon made it back to the NCBA WS in 2019. I asked the Lopes coach about the player and he said that he had graduated but had two large scars from the accident. The player took them as a badge of honor.

Shout out to Mandy and all the health care professionals everywhere.

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