Daily sports photo #76

May 15 – Poker is a sport, right?

Sorry for the delay in posting today – I got caught up in a poker game.

Today marks two (2) months in quarantine, lockdown, whatever. I’m getting really anxious to shoot some sports. I thought long and hard about what sport I could shoot and still remain safe to myself and others.

Of course! I could have a friendly, yet competitive game of pokre. Poker has to be a sport because I’ve seen it on ESPN! I gathered the usual suspects – Jobu, my Deutsche doppelgänger Hans, and we even asked baby Groot to join us.

I guess baby Groot had beginners luck as he won hand, after hand. Hans was the first to go bust so that left me and Jobu and win back some of our money.

I had a suspicion that baby Groot was some how cheating but I could never catch him. On the last hand I asked him if he wanted any cards. “I am Groot” was his only reply. Hmmmm, standing pat are you? Jubu took three, and I took two.

“OK Groot, betting is to you.” “I AM GROOT!” What, baby Groot went all in!! The pot was now a mound of cash.

Jobu and I decided to call.

Groot you have to show us your cards. “I am Groot, I am Groot, I am Groot” is all that he kept saying.

Five aces????? Caught ya – Baby Groot, I’m out of here!

So much for trying to enjoy a simple sport like a game of cards. Maybe I’ll try bowling next or get some other players.

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May 16, 2020 9:09 am

You’ve been in lockdown waaaaay too long, bro!