Daily sports photo #79

May 19 – “Wabbits

As I wondered around the house I kept trying to find another sport to shoot here at home during quarantine. Then all of a sudden – Eureka! The last blog post from gave me an idea – hunting is a sport, right?

This realization was timely too. I needed to hunt down a thief! I mean, I wasn’t hunting’ “wascawwy wabbits” like Elmer Fudd, but I needed to trap the thief that was nabbing beers from my mini fridge downstairs.

Hmmmm, but how to do this. Following the logic of “wabbits wuv carrots,” I got it – two birds with one stone so to speak – I’ll both hunt/trap AND photograph the thief in the act. First, I restocked my mini fridge with some primo brews. Then late last night I placed a camera in the fridge and rigged it to take some pics when the door was opened all the way. This was gonna be perfect.

Next day.

Well, everything worked and I’m “sad” to say that I did capture some photos of the thief.

Oh, baby Groot. Why, oh why? Five aces and now this? I know that quarantine is hard but don’t make me call Rocket!

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