Daily sports photo #80

May 20 – Like a parent, it’s hard not to have favorites.

I’m missing baseball and, especially today, I’m missing being around some of the greatest young men that I’ve met. THE greatest benefit of being on the field and in the dugout shooting baseball games is the opportunity to get to know some truly great young men. Quite a few of these have undoubtedly become a favorite of mine for many reasons. You’ve already met a few from some of my previous posts.

Today I’d like you to meet Tyler Philip Petersen. As I recall Tyler played outfield, mainly centerfield, for the ECU Club Baseball team during the 2018 and 2019 seasons. Tyler was the leadoff batter for the team and would often ignite the first spark. Any observer could easily see that Tyler Petersen played the game hard and with passion.

But what I was able to see in Tyler “behind the scenes” so to speak, was that he was genuinely an incredibly nice guy and appear to be a great teammate. Often a broad smile would appear but then fade to a harden, stoic look as he got down to business. It was great watching Tyler as he took on a leadership role during the 2019 season.

I have many, many, many photos of Tyler Petersen but the photo below is one of my all-time favorites of all my baseball photos. The book just closed on ECU’s 2019 season owing to a loss to Maryland in the regional playoffs. At first I hesitated to take a pic when I saw the scene unfold. I thought that it was a private moment for Tyler as he squatted behind home plate. But then I instinctively took several photos as I wanted to remember this forever, it exemplified an athlete saying goodby.

This photo invokes emotion – I understand the pain of the moment for Tyler, a pain born from the realization that it was now over. But for me, this emotion quickly slips to one of happiness/content because I know that Mr. Petersen will excel in life.

So yes, I admit that I have many “favorites.” I hope to introduce more of them to you in later posts and share their stories. Maybe I’m a bad team photographer for not being impartial. If so, then so be it.

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