Daily sports photo #83

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May 24 – ‘It’s deja vu all over again’: Yogi Berra.

It’s a Sunday and it’s now over 10 weeks into my self quarantine, lockdown, avoid the craziness, etc, etc. I’m Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day. I’m back in front of my computer in my man cave just like some 70 days before. Hopefully, like the TV weatherman Phil Connors (Bill Murray), I’m learning something each day as I take advantage of this, ummm, “unique” opportunity.

That said, I am missing one thing that I’ve really, really looked forward to during the past four years. That’s the NCBA (National Club Baseball Association) DI College World Series in Holly Springs, NC. For over a week I would spend some 13 hours at the ball park then head to a great local spot “My Way Tavern” for some wings and beer (and yes, sometimes a solid to appease my wife).

Yup every day. Wake up, go to the park, watch some great baseball and associate with the awesome players and NCBA staff, hit My Way for a few hours, return to the hotel for a little shuteye. Repeat. Day-after-day. Groundhog Day. Heaven.

Tonight would have been the Longball Challenge or Home Run Derby. This was always a fan favorite. Man, those guys could really spank the ball. I hope that I can return to my NCBA groundhog day next year.

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