Daily sports photo #86

May 26 – Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Here’s another post where things that I’ve captured in baseball eerily reflect events in real life AND the other way around – life reminding me of what I’ve seen at and around the ball park. For example, during the Memorial Day weekend and today I have seen countless instances of conflicts, debates, protests, and lectures about – “it’s my right as an American.”

This blog post is NOT where I want to discuss this issue at length. It is true that as Americans we have many “rights.” In fact, many, many Americans frequently exercise their right to be stupid.

Case in point. The gentleman in these photos thought that it was a good idea to exercise his right to share his enthusiasm for the game of baseball and streak the LSU – UNC game at the 2008 NCAA College World Series. So he doffed his clothes, jumped the fence and ran out onto the field hence stopping play and generating loud gasps of horror from many of the local women (remember, it’s Omaha, NE).

His bow to the fans in centerfield ended quickly when he was clotheslined by several ushers and then body slammed to the turf by five of Omaha’s finest. The young man was then escorted off the field wearing a nice new pair of silver bracelets. Needless to say, he also enjoyed at least one night of lodging and a permanent record of his achievement, well, on his permanent record.

Moral of the story: think before you act and consider the consequences of your actions not only to yourself but to others. Don’t exercise your right to be stupid. Be smart, be kind, be safe.

Oh, and don’t streak in Omaha.

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