Daily sports photo #92

June 1 – Time for empathy.

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If you’ve read this blog before you know that I’m really missing school sports. As a photographer I miss shooting sports. As a fan I miss watching athletic competition. As a former educator I miss being around great young student athletes. And I miss many other things connected to sporting events.

But today it’s time for me to be empathetic. A time to think about how the coaches must be feeling and what they’re thinking about now. Clearly this world could use a lot more empathy.

A friend got me to think about this post. She’s a long-time gymnastics coach and she lamented recently that she “really missed HER girls.” She was spending a lot of time with family during quarantine but it was clear that she missed her “other family.”

Coaches are many things to athletes: coach, educator, proxy-parent, listener, friend, and many more things. This slide show is a simple tribute to a few of the local coaches that I’ve been able to watch recently fulfill many of these roles to their teams. As much as I miss sports and being around the kids, I can only imagine what they’re feeling during these crazy times.

It’s a good time for empathy in many, many ways.

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