“The Almost” Daily sports photo #93

June 4 – Kindness 101.

You may have noticed that I’ve changed the name of this post. My last post was an entry on June 1, or 3 days ago. Thanks to those that contacted me to see if everything is OK – I appreciate that. I’ve tried to keep these posts fun and entertaining and show some good photos but as they say – these times are in many ways unprecedented.

So the thing is I’m “OK,” but I’m sad. I’m sad about what’s happening in our country and I just couldn’t find it in myself to search for photos that told the story that reflected the strong emotions that I was feeling. I “witnessed” videos of things that were very disturbing, but when I saw and heard something that I TRULY thought was impossible in America, I became sad. I’m genuinely concerned for the future of this country.

I witnessed a President of the United States order the trained military against US citizens on US soil. I was young, but somewhat remember the protests of the Vietnam War and the shootings at Kent State. But over the past few days I have seen countless videos of heavily armed police and the military attacking peaceful protestors, shooting rubber bullets and manhandling reporters, and on and on. Very disturbing scenes, surely it can’t get worst.

But it did. The police and military were ordered to use teargas, rubber bullets, flash bombs and physical force to move back a group of peaceful protestors so that the President could do a photo op by desecrating the meaning of a church and a Bible. I mean WTF!!!! Certainly he’s gone too far. Nope, today the press secretary likened him to Churchill. Double WTF! Note, all this while a pandemic continues with daily increases in cases and deaths.

But is there hope?

The photo above and the story that I recently wrote gives me hope. I encourage you to read it as it is a good story about the actions of some remarkable men.

Today’s post is titled “Kindness 101.” On one of my trips down the Youtube rabbit hole I came across a series of lessons for kids named “Kindness 101 by Steve Hartman.” Here’s the link to one on Honesty to start you down the rabbit hole and hopefully make you think and feel good.

These videos and others helped to soften some of the sadness. Maybe there is a lot of good out there – but sometimes it just seems that is too hard to avoid bad news.

I do hope that many things will change soon, true systemic change. Stay safe and be kind.

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