Daily sports photo #105

June 16 – Imagination AND an important question.

It’s awesome that it seems like a lot of people like my photos. But, I mainly take photos because I enjoy it on many different levels. For some photos, I can’t help but imagine what the caption would be or as in this photo the balloon comment bubble over the umpire’s head. The expressions of both the umpire and the batboy are just perfect.

For this year, his bubble would have: “Yeah kid, I did survive 2020. I’ll never be over it. There was a global pandemic, Trump was president, months in lockdown, and major stock market declines. We managed all that but there was NO baseball.” “I’ll never be over Macho Grande.”

Speaking of no baseball, it appears that the OBX Daredevils will not be playing this summer after all. I guess that’s the end of that gig. So, for those that want to see photos of the major “Rumble on the Mound” against the Crabs, leave a comment to this post. If enough people ask for it, I’ll post them.

Until next post, be safe, be kind.

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