Daily sports photo #172

August 29 – It’s that time sports fans.

Summer is gone. Schools have started. Both national conventions are over. And things are gonna get dummer and uglier online. It’s gonna be an uggggggggggggly race up to election (already is).

So now we must prepare to slide into crazy town.

Hence, it’s time. It’s time for me to avoid Facebook as much as possible. I’ve already canceled my Twitter account. Why, you may ask do I do this?

I prefer to think of the better things in life like baseball and sports. Where, as I’ve tried to share here, people are inherently good. I’ve met a lot of em and we don’t have to know if we’re red or if we’re blue.

Life’s too short. Be most excellent to each other..

I’ll continue to post photos and short messages/quips but I may not post them to Facebook. I hope that you’ll find your way back here and enjoy a brief moment or memory. I hope that you’ll send me a comment.

Until next post, be safe, be kind.

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