Daily sports photo #185

September 19 – Being a parent.

As I’ve shared several times, my photos often reflect the emotions and thoughts that I’m experiencing long after the photo was captured.

I too experienced a full range of emotions watching my kids play sports years ago. I have also watched and captured photos of countless parents experiencing the same range of emotions.

I have been fortunate to get to know several of these parents. The consistent theme between them all is that they deeply love their kids. This love was most often expressed without words but shown by traveling a zillion miles to practices and games, purchasing an infinite number of juice boxes or containers of Gatorade, and perhaps more importantly, being there to share the thrills of victory and share the disappointments of failure and defeat.

It’s tough being a parent. You want to always be there when they fall and skin their knees. To kiss all their boo-boos and make the hurt go away. To help them throw a strike or swing the bat for a hit. But you know that you can’t.

The important thing is to always to be there, no matter what.

My thoughts are with some special parents who do just that.

Until next post, be safe, be kind, and hug your children as often as you can.

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