Daily sports photo #206

November 2 – Solitude, thought and reflection.

Well, once again I took a break from posting a “Daily” sports photo. As you’ve obviously noticed, I’ve posted several (many) posts about family. Most of them about my Baseball-related family.

I was with my relatives this weekend to celebrate the life and to mourn the passing of a great man, a man that directly shaped the good parts of the person that I have become – my father in-law Dr. John M. Stoneburner. I already miss him.

I am also in a somber mood as I think each day about dear members of my baseball family as they struggle with the trials of their son recovering from a horrific accident.

But, there is the cycle of life. As things end, things begin. The day after we said goodbye to my father in-law we welcomed the birth of a grandson. Welcome to the family Ethan John Miller. I think that you’re gonna like this group.

Sports are important but they are only a game. Life and family are precious and often are gone way too quickly. Perhaps take some time to be alone and think about and reflect on all of your great “family” members past and present.

Until next post, be safe, be kind and please vote.

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