Daily sports photo #224

November 26 – So listen up, Pilgrim.

As my man Ricky-hops Hopkins (star catcher, OBX Daredevils and Dickinson College) would say – tis the season to celebrate and enjoy some of the most important things in life, family and friends.

It’s a day to say why you’re thankful.

I am extremely thankful for the growth of my extended family through the game of baseball. I’m be blessed to be around a lot of great players and their families. Additionally, there are a few families that I was lucky to get to know them well and we continue to stay in touch. What a great gift. I guess that’s why I like the sport so much.

But to everyone I say Happy Thanksgiving wherever you are!

Until next post, be safe, be kind, and enjoy family and friends.

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Jenn Hopkins
November 28, 2020 3:20 pm

Love this and the memories we made!