Daily sports photo #227

November 29 – Time for a well-deserved Atta Boy!!!

As many of you know, I spent my professional life before photography as a scientist and professor. Therefore, to me, the KEY part of nonprofessional school sports is that the kids are suppose to be STUDENT athletes. Unfortunately, this is far too often not the case.

So, when I meet and get to know a young athlete that help defines the term “student athlete” it makes me very, very happy and if know the kid well it also makes me proud.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Colby Evans #16 of First Flight High School.

I’ve known Colby for several years as his family hosted some fine young men so that they could play during the summer with the OBX Daredevils. To say that Colby comes from outstanding stock would be an understatement – his mom, dad and sister are awesome folks.

But here I would like to honor Colby Evans, the student. Colby recently received a notification that VMI (Virginia Military Institute) has extended him a “reservation” to join as a cadet of the class of 2025. With a tradition of 181 years, VMI is one of the nation’s top schools in producing the future well-educated leaders of our country.

Simply, this is just awesome and I am “proud” to know the young man. Learning about Colby’s accomplishment(s) has given me a glimmer of hope for the future during a time that has filled with a lot of darkness.

Atta Boy Colby!!!

Until next post, be safe, be kind, and extend an atta boy to Colby and young student athletes like him.

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