Daily sports photo #234

December 11 – So why????

You may have noticed that I really like baseball. But have you ever wondered why I like it so much.

I’ll quickly pass on the notion that baseball is called “the thinking man’s game” and I b reel smart.

So here it is.

Believe it or not it’s because as a spectator yes, you do have to think to really enjoy the game, because there are an almost countless number of things that may happen with every pitch or play.

The photo above is one of my favorite photos from a “recent” local high school game. Unfortunately, it seems like a lifetime ag). Here, a single moment, 1/5000 of a second, captures all the action.

Looking toward home plate the pitcher decided which pitch to throw. He releases the ball (can you tell what the pitch was?).

The batter, with bat cocked, stares at the ball hoping to pick up its location and spin. He doesn’t have much time to do so and react.

The umpire similarly eyes the ball and must follow it all the way to the plate. The catcher must do the same.

There are 7 other defensive players with their own strategies to act should the ball comes to them.

Wow, that’s a lot happening. All in a small fraction of time.

Can’t wait to be back out there shooting again.

Until nxt post be safe, be kind, and don’t blink as you may miss all the action.

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