Daily sports photo #247

December 29 – 今天的位置是台湾 (Jīntiān de wèizhì shì táiwān).

Today’s photos are from Taiwan. I’ve been to Taiwan four times. I have a former post-doc that’s a professor at the National Cheng Kung University in Tainan and I’ve visited to teach, do research and attend conferences. And yes, I was to visit once again in 2020. We were planning for me to teach a special course for 6 weeks. Guess what didn’t happen?

I truly love visiting Asian countries. The food is awesome (just sometimes don’t ask what you’re eating if you’re squeamish), the people are very friendly, and the culture is so much different than ours.

I hope you enjoy the pics – I have hundreds more!

I was in Tainan during Halloween in 2017. There was a huge neighborhood block(s) party and let’s just say they really get into the spirit of dressing up.

tainan_sat_28_oct_406 1
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Everywhere I travel I just enjoy people watching and taking street photos.

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Did I mention great food?

But it’s not all fun and playing tourist. There’s research to be done. Can you pick me out in this photo?

I miss my friends and the good times we have in Taiwan. Again, I hope, I must, get back soon.

Until next post be safe, be kind, and 干杯, Gānbēi, cheers!

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