Daily sports photo #248

December 30 – It was all Greek to me.

I was absolutely blown away by Greece. It is an extremely beautiful country, but Mein Gott all the history! Normally I’m not into walking around to see all the historical tourist-laden sites, but how can you not be impressed and in awe visiting the site of democracy and other historical and biblical sites.

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This trip was actually a real vacation or holiday trip – just my wife and I, no work related reason.

Although it was very, very hot, I of course found a good way to cool off with Mythos Beer. Since it was so hot, I needed a “few” to keep me cool for the week or so we were in Greece.

I was able to get in some street photography as well. Although some scenes you could not unsee.

We took a day cruise island hopping. The water and colors of the houses were amazing.

Yes, I’d go back to Greece in a nanosecond. Hopefully, I’ll be there sooner than later.

Until next post be safe, be kind, and try a Mythos!

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