Daily sports photo #264

January 28 – Ya see? I told you! It’s SNOWING!

I told you it was cold in my last post. And I never, ever exaggerate – ok, maybe a few times, but very, very, very little – ok, maybe often and moderate levels.

But it has been and it is cold. A fellow photog and friend went to the soccer game last night and could only bear it until half time. He’s still babbling gibberish. Don’t know if it’s from frostbite because he often sounds like that.

Not getting much solar power today. I’ll go over the solar system soon. It’s been a project that I’ve been working on since staying home during the pandemic.

Our “back yard.” Pretty any time but it’s sure nice with snow.

The lot next door.

Now where’s my hot toddy? It’s gotta be 5 O’clock somewhere.

Until next post be safe, be kind, and enjoy the beauty of nature (if you can stay warm and safe).

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