Daily sports photo #270

February 8 – I’m back in the saddle again.

Today was a sunny, but cold and windy day on the Outer Banks. It was also the day when I returned to shooting sports after almost a full year. The last time I was at a game was 15 March 2020. Yikes, that’s a long time ago.

Although my right hand stung from the cold as I held my camera and my sunglasses constantly fogged from my mask, it sure was good to be back out doing what I love.

Things are improving. Slowly. Surely.

I can’t wait until I’m shooting in the warmth of a spring sun.

I’ve started to post a gallery of photos from this game at www.richardlmillerphotography.com. Please check them out.

Until next post be safe, be kind, and be patient for the good times to come.

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To view more of my photos please visit www.richardlmillerphotography.com.

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