Daily sports photo #279

February 22 A different kind of Band of Brothers.

I’ve often posted photos and stories that show how athletes come together and forge a special bond in essence, becoming a “Band of Brothers” (and of course, a Band of Sisters). I’m always struck by these scenes. I simply find it amazing that people from a broad spectrum of life will develop a bond to protect and advance the common good of the group.

In a way, the relationship between the players make sense. They are, for good or bad, on the same team. A team that by definition is there to secure a victory over their oppostion.

It is however, even more remarkable to me when relationships/bonds are developed from separate individuals of a larger group. Where mutual cooperation, guidance and help is the norm rather than opposition.

I’m lucky to have found this is a small group of fellow photographers that I know. We share a common love for the skill and art of photography and rather than view each other as “them,” the competition, we try to encourage and help each other.

One such photographer is Wright Emory, the crusty model in the photo above. I’ve shot a LOT of games beside Wright and he’s become a compatriot and friend. When I needed a “model” to test some studio setups for an upcoming session, Wright quickly said “sure” and spent hours on the other side of the lens. A place that most photographers don’t prefer to be, including me. It was invaluable have a gifted photographer there to use as a sounding board and offer advice.

Seems to me we’re developing a local “Band of Brothers”. I like that and it is good.

OBI Won Emory – who says you can’t have fun practicing? The force is strong with this one.

I invite you to visit and enjoy some of Wright’s work at OBX Sports Shots.

Until next post be safe, be kind, and I hope that you are in a special Band of Brothers or Sisters.

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