Daily sports photo #280

February 24 Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.

I’m glad that I’m back out shooting for a whole host of reasons. One reason, without doubt, is that I’m often inspired by the actions of athletes. And who wouldn’t want to be inspired now after having lived through the year 2020.

Tonight I found inspiration at a Middle School conference basketball game. The game pitted our local school First Flight against Perquimans for the Albemarle Athletic Conference tournament championship.

Inspiration came from Emerson Mann. Mr. Mann is, shall we say, “height challenged” even for the average middle school age kids. But Emerson plays like a giant.

Whenever #1 is on the court he’s doing everything that he can to help his team win. No matter who he must confront or who he will encounter when they confront him. To me it’s a classic David and Goliath story, the little train that could, Rudy, or the story of Samson and Delilah (Ok, maybe not that one).

I took the photo above as Emerson was driving hard to the basket, a direct path to the tallest player on the court. Mr. Mann did not hesitate but did some sort of twisty Michael Jordan-like move and got off the shot.

Let’s just say that I got several other shots of Emerson that inspired me.

Until next post be safe, be kind, and go out and be like Emerson (doesn’t quite have the same ring as be like Mike).

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