Daily sports photo #282

February 27 Look who’s in da house!

Will this craziness ever cease? I wasn’t able to shoot any local games over the past two days so I retreated to the studio to set up some props for a few new ideals.

About half-way through staging the first shoot, I was startled by a tremendous thunder clap and a bright flash of blue light accompanied by blue smoke. Seconds after the smoke began to vanish I saw something, or someone, appear in the back of my studio.

Much to my surprise and delight, the legendary photographer and connoisseur of malted adult beverages was standing before me – yes, I was actually visited by “Wrightus Wrongus”, the Roman photographer known world wide for his prowess with Nikon cameras, birra, and belle giovani donne.

I mean, one night it’s Bernie Sanders and now Wrightus Wrongus. Is this really happening? Am I dreaming? Will I feel no more ahhhhhhhhhh, from just a little pinprick? What is going on? And why is a Roman photographer wearing a US Open cap?

After what seemed like years, I collected my thoughts and softly stammered – “Oh, Sir Wrightus Wrongus will you show me how you make such great photos?”

Much to my dismay Sir Wrongus, still grasping his drink tightly, just peered over his sunglasses and gave me a look that will haunt me in my sleep – a look that screamed, “yeah, right kid.”

I didn’t have time to plead my case because he disappeared back into the blue smoke as quickly as he had appeared.

Until next post be safe, be kind, and let me know if you’re ever visited by someone famous.

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Anna Burgwyn
February 28, 2021 4:44 pm

We have called him Wrightamus forever.