Daily sports photo #289

March 10: There’s Nellie and Sasquatch and now this near mythical creature.

During a recent expedition, photographer Wright Emory made a startling discovery when he captured a photo of the elusive species Sportphotogous outerbanksica wandering the outskirts of a field in Kill Devil Hills, NC USA. The species was once thought to be extinct due to the catastrophic decline in their numbers in 2020.

Emory’s photo made the cover of the prestigious National Photographic magazine and is currently featured at newsstands everywhere, well, that is if there are still newsstands.

In an interview Emory stated “I used my longest telephoto lens to get the pic. There was no way I was going to get too close to that creature.”

Until next post be safe, be kind, and be on the lookout for more individuals of Sportphotogous outerbanksica.

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