Daily sports photo #298

March 27: Mr. Peabody, Sherman, the Wayback machine, and football.

Tonight it felt like Mr. Peabody and Sherman used the WABAC (or, Wayback) machine and transported me back years and years ago. A time when there was football and stands of cheering crowds. But something was wrong. Had the WABAC machine malfunctioned? Football in late March? Preposterous!

But there I was, on the sidelines shooting a local football game. It was still sunny at 6:00 pm with the temperature in the 70’s. There was some good football action but I must admit it was strange shooting football in March.

Weird or not, it was good to be there. The First Flight football season is abbreviated this year – I mean REALLY abbreviated. There’s only one more home game. The game is Monday April 5th. Football in April – who’d a thunk it?

Until next post be safe, be kind, and enjoy things that you’ve missed no matter when they happen.

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