Daily sports photo #309

April 14: I have a question.

As my Dad use to say “What ya stink?”

When I was planning to go to the local high school softball game today I started thinking – I know, me thinking can be dangerous.

I wanted to change things up. I felt bad, but I was already “bored” shooting the same-same at the softball games. Wasn’t I just complaining about no games to shoot in 2020?

As I prepared to head off to the field I noticed that it was still quite sunny outside. So I grabbed my 200-600 tele-zoom and thought about shooting some “up close and personal sports portraits” rather than having my “lens trained to the action” the whole time.

Here are but a few taken.

So, come on now, what ya stink?

Until next post be safe, be kind, and try not to stink.

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