Daily sports photo #313

April 22: The best laid plans of mice and men – and photographers.

Like a hunter stalking game in the African bush I had planned my approach. I was hunting for the prized trophy of a candid shot. I moved ever so slowly, so quietly. I didn’t want to spook the gathering of the soccer team around the watering hole.

So far, so good. I s-l-o-w-l-y raised my camera up to take the shot. My heart beat faster as my finger inched towards the trigger. I held my breath as I gently pressed the shutter – click!

I was too slow! All my planning and maneuvering was spoiled – again!

I got a posed – “I see you shot!”

Curses, foiled again

Until next post be safe, be kind, and I’ll get that shot one day, maybe.

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