Daily sports photo #328

May 25 1/2: Hmmmm, I’m started to see a pattern here Doctor.

Sending this early am from Oklahoma City – yeehaw haw. Flew into Will Rogers International Airport (but unlike Mr. Rogers I’ve met a LOT of people that I don’t like). got the rental car, checked into the hotel (Avid, a new brand of the IHG that I wanted to try – quite impressed, it’s a European-type kind-of sort-of hotel) and then made a bee line to get some sustenance.

There was a Bdubs close by so I had to see if they were as good as my recent visits to Bdubs in GVegas and Wilson. Yup, interesting place (they allow smoking at the bar) but very good wings and ice cold nectar of the gods.

Don’t worry, I didn’t even finish half of what they brought. This photo is dedicated to Brent my best friend and partner in crime (wings and beer that is).

I wonder what I’ll do next and dedicate the event to? Is there a mystery to solve? Hmmmm, Steve????

Until next post be safe, be kind, and go out and WING it!

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May 28, 2021 8:11 pm

I like wings and beer… no mystery there