Daily sports photo #329

May 27: It’s time for a game.

OK, it’s time for a game. A game of mystery and intrigue. The game of Clue. A game that requires great deductive reasoning and investigative skills personified by the likes of Charlie Chan, Hercule Poirot, and Sam Spade. Do you have what it takes.

The story. It was a dark, rainy day in Pittsburg, KS. The soon to be famous (in his own mind) sports photographer Richard L Miller was last seen at the baseball park at Pitt State University.

He’s now missing. No one has heard from him and he’s a critical component of the WS games that start tomorrow. Do YOU have what it takes to help find him and save the day.

The only clue we have is the photo above. Can you identify what food food he ordered, including flavors? What brand of beer he was drinking? The name of the establishment?

This is dedicated to the detectives out there. Help find Waldo Miller. Where are you Steve?

Until next post, be kind, be safe and help solve the mystery that has ricked Pittsburg, KS.

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