2021 NCBA WS Championship photos

Daily sports photo #331

June 5: It’s all over now, baby blue.

The last game is over. Virginia Tech takes the championship trophy. Iowa State displayed a lot making it to the championship game with only 13 players – well done guys.

I shot over 19,000 photos before I left the field to go up to the suite where I downloaded the files from the cards. It had been a great Word Series and I’d say that with over 19,000 photos there should be a few keepers. I felt good.

But, as a photographer I’m always looking around to find the next shot. A photo that will tell the story. I really don’t like staying around and capturing the agony of defeat. It saddens me.

But what I saw on the mound after everyone had left the field except for a few Virginia Tech players I had to capture. It was as striking to me as the now iconic photo I took of Tyler Pollard’s cleats on first base after the 2018 NCBA WS.

Although they had won, the players were saying goodbye to the game they love. They seemed sad, pensive. With the Championship trophy near them, I assume they were replaying the countless games that they had played. Baseball was once life. But as true student athletes they were moving on. They took a moment to say goodbye.

This is simply why I do all this for the NCBA. To hopefully give these young men great photos that will spawn great memories for them for a life time. They know going in that as seniors they will more than likely leave baseball behind.

Baseball is a great game. But sometimes she breaks your heart.

Until next post, be kind, be safe and good luck to all the fine young men that I met and shared some time with at the 2021 NCBA WS!

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Jennifer Casarotti Troch
June 18, 2021 1:54 pm

This is a great shot! And, the player on the left is my cousin. A couple of times they came to Raleigh (NC) from VT to play…I would always try to get over to watch. I’m glad I did this season, as I felt really connected to them going all the way through to win it all. As a side note, I’m sure this photo is especially poignant since my cousin was a senior. He skipped his graduation to continue on the road to the championship with the team.