Daily sports photo #340

June 24: How can this be? Excuse me sire, you’re in my shot!

It was only last Saturday that I was on the field shooting baseball. But the season is over and there are currently no scheduled shoots. I be missing me some baseball photography action!

Of course I miss the baseball action but I think that I miss some of the folks that I get to be around even more. I just like being around the NCBA crew. They’re all very baseball savvy and are exceptionally nice to me.

There is the one guy, Christian, however that I like to joust with, exchange clever repartee, and even share a bit of silliness.

Christian is exceptionally good at his job. That is, if part of his job title is official “photo-bomber!” To him he sees himself as the photo above. However, I see him as this:

Besides shooting the game action for the players and fans I also try and get some photos for the NCBA. I thought, “two can play at this photobombing game, Brutus.” Look who just photobombed your trophy presentation sir.

Unfortunately I’ve heard that his kids think that Godzilla was really there snagging fly balls during the games – whoops.

Until next post, be kind, be safe and don’t be an “Uncle Bob.”

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