Daily sports photo #344

July 11: Run for the Border!

Speaking of ketchup. I’ve seen a LOT of crazy races at ball parks but the Taco Bell Sauce race was a new one.

First, the back story. Omaha loves their Taco Bells. Even way after midnight there’ll be a very, very long line at the Taco Bell drive through (now, don’t ask me what I was doing way past midnight in Omaha).

So of course, the Omaha Storm Chasers had to have a Taco Bell Sauce race.

Initially it was an exciting race. Mild got out of the gates early and had a pretty good lead, followed closely by Hot and Fire a distant third.

That was until Hot committed a blatant foul and tripped Mild.

Hot would “win” the race with Fire coming in second. Mild was ok, just squirted a little.

Until next post, be kind, be safe and don’t be a Hot, play nice.

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