Daily sports photo #350

July 26: Just chillin’.

One thing that I really like about the parks that I went to recently is that they’re historic old parks nestled in neighborhood. Gives it that comfortable, at-home feeling.

The bullpen for the Wood Ducks is a nice little hut down the third base line with plenty of shade and a great view of the game. A perfect place to keep your head in the game.

The visitors bullpen is not as nice. There’s not much shade and they must look directly into the setting sun. While they do have a great view of the game from their perch above the outfield fence, they also have a fantastic view into the Mother Earth Brewery beer garden. They’re so close I bet they can smell the nectar of the Gods. Their minds wandering to a cold, fresh brew. What is that pitcher looking at my drink?

Maybe it’s a secret weapon – clever those Wood Ducks.

Until next post, be kinds, be safe and remember to slow down and stop and smell the hops.

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