Daily sports photo #354

August 24: I’m baaaaaaccccckkkkkkk and Oh Happy Day?

Whew, after a much too long hiatus I was back out shooting some sports photos. So, I’m baaaaaccckkkk! Felt good except for the heat (see below).

I was back out to the local high school field shooting some jv soccer. Seeing kids play without masks now seems strange, good, but strange.

I almost didn’t go because it’s been H-O-T hot. Purgatorial hot AND sweatshop humid. Today was no exception. According to my app it was 89 feels like 102. That ain’t right!

But of course I went and stuck it out being the intrepid warrior that I am.

It’s good to be shooting again.

Until next post be kind, be safe, and chill and try to beat the heat.

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